Magic, New Mexico Boxed Set Books 1-3 (ebook: Kindle and epub)

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Discover the magic where being abnormal is the norm!

Magic, New Mexico is a world where all magical - and alien - residents can be themselves. Escape into a world where nothing is like you think it is! Start out with Touch of Frost. This Star Ranger discovers that the reports on humans is anything but accurate when he lands outside of Magic searching for a deadly fugitive.

Go back to learn more about Magic in Taking on Tory where this Vampire with a blood disorder and an over-protective family finds herself with her hands full - of an ancient werewolf who doesn't know vampires exist!

Discover what happened to Alexandru when his sister accidentally sends him far, far away - and into another magical world where he loses his memory!

Three enchanting stories that will take you on an adventure. Don't miss out on The Worlds of Magic, New Mexico either! Other authors have joined in the fun. Their stories can be found on all major distributors!