Edge of Insanity: The Alliance Book 6 Paperback

Sometimes the only way to survive is to let insanity take over…

Edge remembers little of his capture, but what has happened since is vivid in his memory. The Waxians want information about Trivator military and weapons systems. Edge can feel his mind splintering from the prolonged torture, but a soft voice in the darkness urges him to resist―and fight back.

Lina Daniels is used to fighting fire with fire. She isn’t afraid of death, but she is terrified of being captured. As a resistance fighter on Earth, she knew the dangers. Those threats seem minuscule compared to those on the alien world she was taken to. Determined to return home, her plan is simple―free the Trivator warrior she discovered and force him to take her and the other women that are with her back to Earth, but when the unpredictable Trivator becomes convinced that she is his Amate, that plan crumbles into chaos!

With the Waxian and Drethulan forces on their tail, it will take more than a few daring moves to escape to freedom. Can a tortured warrior and his rebellious rescuer escape the forces chasing them or will the threat of losing the last thing holding him together hurl Edge over a dangerous mental precipice?

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