Yes, it is the Grand Opening of my new online store on June 1, 2017. I am thrilled to be able to share some of the amazing items that are a part of the Worlds of S.E. Smith. From T-Shirts to autographed books and posters, audiobook CDs, original board games, to Boxed Sets of my Dragonlings of Valdier, there is something for everyone.

Behind the Artwork:

I am very proud to share that the artwork for my Dragonlings, Alice, and Roam are all original. I worked extensively with artist Jeff Brown to design the Dragonlings, Alice, Roam, and the game board for the Dragon Lords of Valdier: The Hive. These beautiful illustrations were the work of months of collaboration where I shared my vision and Jeff brought them to life.

That collaboration has continued with Gann Memorial who is working with me to create beautiful 7-inch plush replicas of each of the characters from my Dragonlings of Valdier series: Zohar, Balint, Jabir, Jade, Amber, Phoenix, Spring, Roam, and Alice. Coming in late August 2017, these unique Dragonlings of Valdier boxed sets will include one of the Dragonlings stories along with a 7 inch plush character that can't be found anywhere else! Made in the USA, they make the perfect gift or collectible.

Yes, there is a lot to the Worlds of S.E. Smith and it will continue to grow! I am looking forward to sharing more with you in the future. Welcome and enjoy!


S.E. Smith